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Chanukah Mahjong

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Word Mahjong, a melding of the modern with the archaic, will undoubtedly challenge your wits and stretch your vocabulary. This wildly enjoyable game essentially weaves the art of forming words with the traditional time tested game of Mahjong.

The foundation for this innovation is the widespread game of Mahjong. Entrenched throughout history, it is alleged to have originated two thousand years ago, in the court of King Wu, which starkly portrays this game's ability to captivate the populace even after eons of time have passed by like the sands in an hourglass. The dominant element of chance from the original Mahjong is reduced in this variation with the addition of wild tiles that can be any letter. Word Mahjong requires the players to apply their intellect and strategy in forming words out of typical Mahjong tiles denoted with letters instead of pictograms.

A keen player realizes that it is not just the immediately playable letter tiles, but also the ones accessible after a tile is played that can be used. It is your task to form various legitimate words, in the overall aim of the game being to eradicate all the tiles on the playing field. Upping the challenge is the ability to play against the clock or seek out bingos from Scrabble. A seven letter word counts as one bingo, while an eight letter word counts as two.

Whether you are an accomplished veteran to the game of Mahjong and want an exciting new innovative challenge or perhaps an avid Scrabble player who thoroughly delights in the art of forming words, this game will captivate you for hours on end. You might even be wholly new to both elements of Word Mahjong. However, whatever your past experience may be, this particular innovation is open to all skill levels. So are you ready to move from The Art of War to the The Art of Word? Will you clear the tiles with only bingos?

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